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I signed up for Nutrition School!

I start on the 29th! I could not be more excited! I also start my group exercise cert on Monday :) Things are finally happening!

so jealous of things that other people have it is making me crazy.  How do people my age drive luxury cars?! I mean, I know how they did it, they saved up for years.  I am kicking myself right now for not using the past ten years to save money.  I am so annoyed with myself that I was not financially responsible for such a big chunk of my life.  I guess the important part is that now I have stepped it up and am on my way to accomplishing my goals.  I am just so impatient :( 

i miss the gym :( 

trying to improve my cardiovascular fitness level

I have been doing lots of toning moves lately, but once I laid eyes on those beautiful coral colored nike free shoes, I realized I haven’t been working on my cardio! Cardio is super good for you, can increase your lifespan and is amazing for your heart and entire respiratory system. I used to run track in high school, and for about three years after high school I ran 3 miles every day.  Even while I was in college I was pretty good about getting to the gym and hitting the elliptical, and after college I was all about the stair master, spinning, and toning work.  BUT when I moved cities about a month ago, I decided to wait to join the new gym I’m checking out(long story), and I don’t know where any of the bike trails are, so I haven’t been doing very much cardio. Bad news, bears! If you have checked out my past few posts, I gave myself a nice hefty goal with a super amazing (and coral-colored) reward: I run five days a week for the rest of October (I made this goal on Oct 3rd), and on November 1st I will rush to the store and buy myself those gorgeous Nike Frees.  So I got in my first run today, go me! It took about forty minutes and I ran all the way down my road(I live on a sort-of highway road but there is a little dirt trail a bit off the road) which I am guessing is about a total of 3 miles.  I will wear my pedometer tomorrow and track it for reals.  I am a little upset that I wasn’t able to keep up the pace that I made in high school, but I am patting myself on the back for completing what I wanted and am planning on pushing a little harder tomorrow.  What have you guys done for your cardio today? 

Now I am off to do my favorite type of workout: toning! It’s lower body day today, so I am going to be doing about 100 lunges(on each leg!) and 100 squats. Wish me luck! 

total body move! this is a good one ;) 

want me some Nike Free’s

decision made: 

I run 5 days a week for the rest of October, I buy myself the super cute coral Nike Free running shoes I have been craving.  I don’t accomplish this goal, I do not buy the shoes.  

Bam. I am going to tear up my current running shoes by running so hard. Take that, old Nikes. 


stress, stress, go away! I can’t wait to sign up for my certs! I am checking out all of my options for a health coach certification! Excited :) 

All I want for Christmas is a hot ass and a flat stomach.


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